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Stronghold of the Midlands

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Once located between the Fellreev and the Tangles, this plains domain was ruled from a fortified Hextorian temple across the Artonsamay River from Rookroost.Throughout history, the bandits of Midlands acted in concert with and against the armies of Rookroost, depending upon fortune and agreements between the local graf and the...

Kingdom of Johrase

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One of the oldest holdings in the Combination of Free Lords, Johrase has long held the lands west of the Zumker-Artonsamay confluence, extending southwest from the town of Kinemeet (the capital) to the Rift Barrens and the Tangles. Formed in 324 CY by Andrellus, a debauched scion of Aerdy’s Rax...

Grand Clans of Grosskopf

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The eastern Bluff Hills and lands south to the Zumker were held by Grosskopf, long friendly with orcs and their kin, Grosskopf was invaded by Duke Ehyeh Ill’s forces in 578 and forced to restrain its banditry. This warrior realm absorbed the Fellands in 581, following a marriage between their...

Defenders of the Greenkeep

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The eastern Fellreev south of the Artonsamay River was a state dominated by humans but with significant numbers of renegade sylvan elves and half-elves. Merry followers of Olidammara, the Greenkeepers escaped the massacre at Steelbone Meadows and withdrew into their corner of the Fellreev. They suffered much from raids by...


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The realm in the inner crook of the Fellreev Forest, south of the Artonsamay, was named for its sole fortified site, a huge walled keep,The Freehold allied itself with Iuz when the latter invaded in 583, but its forces were treacherously destroyed at Steelbone Meadows the following year.The land is...

The Fellands

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The western Bluff Hills, eastern Fellreev, and lands between were part of a warrior realm based in the town of Groucester. The Fellands were conquered by the forces of Tenh in the spring of 578CY, and ceased raiding eastward for a time. This realm was absorbed by the Grosskopf clans...


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Dimre includes the far end of the Phostwood west of the Artonsamay, and the plains 60-75 miles west of that wooded bend in the river. A small, powerful state, Dimre once raided Tenh and Nyrond through the Phostwood and Nutherwood. Founded prior to the Great Council of Rel Mord by...

Duchy of Artonsamay

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Located along the riverbanks north of the Great Northern Bend of the Artonsamay and the plains within 30-60 miles of the Rift Barrens’ eastern end, the duchy was a curiosity in this land of criminals and murderers. Though a purse was as likely to go missing here as in any...


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A wilderness of rugged plains situated between the Fellreev and Tangles, immediately west of the Midlands, Abbarra was long run by a syndicate of formidable assassins. In a land as chaotic and lawless as the Bandit Kingdoms, the blade of a trained killer is highly prized. Because of this, the...