Mathias Assauri, Human Wizard

Category:Legendary PeopleWritten by: Fallon

“Knowledge is power.” – Mathias

Mathias Assauri, Was a student of magical arts at a prestigious college and came from a long line wizards. He was trying to live up to family expectations when he, his cousin, and his girlfriend snuck into the lab and tried to use an artifact that was beyond their mastery. The Mirror to the Elemental Planes. Instead of observing without notice, a particularly nasty efreeti took exception to being watched and was able to use the artifact to open a portal and step through the mirror, bringing chaos and destruction with him. The faculty was able to banish it but not before burning off the top floor of the school and killing 2 students. 

He bears the scars where the efreeti patted his shoulder thanking him for access to the prime material plane, ” for that you’ll live, they on the other hand won’t” and watched his friends burn.

So now expelled from school, shunned by his family for the shame he brought, he seeks to find the true name of the efreeti and bind him to a ring as revenge for his lovers death. Then he can return home and reclaim his birthright as Master Magician.

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