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Episode: “Torrock’s Last Stand”: May 6, 9 AM

Hi! We’re a tabletop RPG group that typically meets in person. We are based in Tampa, Florida. We’ve been playing together for several years and are currently playing 5e Dungeons & Dragons. Other games we’ve played together include 4th Edition D&D, 13th Age, and Call of Cthulhu.

We usually meet biweekly and from time to time play other games on the off weeks like: Pandemic Legacy, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Gloomhaven, and Zombicide.

We currently have two games running!

Eric’s Symbaroum Campaign

Dave, Mike, George, Michele, Steve, Jeff with Eric as Dungeon Master

Bandit Kingdoms Campaign

Dave, George, Jeff, Mike and Stacey with Steve as Dungeon Master

Alumni: Aaron, Allisen, Ben, Brandon, Dana, Jim, Kyle, Mark, Paul, Will

Roll Initiative!

Fun fact: Why this domain? We’re memorializing 2 critical failures from GM Paul’s Greyhawk set campaign where Ragnar (played by Kyle) first failed to detect a trap, and fell to his death. A few minutes later while looking for Ragnar, Bronk (played by Mike) also failed the same check, and fell into the trap and almost died. When everyone else found Bronk and rescued him, we found Ragnar’s remains below him, and the stupid of us reasoned out that it was Bronk’s fault Ragnar died. We forever resented Bronk for having killed Ragnar reminding him at every opportunity, and named the house where this happened Ragnar’s Rest. Some say Ragnar’s ghost still haunts this place. /spookyghostnoise