Khesh, Soldier of Misfortune

Category:PlayerWritten by: Khesh

“Less talking, more dying. Pick. Up. Your. Sword.” – Khesh at the sudden end of negotiating.

As far as Bugbears go, Khesh is pretty typical; Big. Hairy. Angry. He’s pretty good at spotting the problems ahead (because most everything looks to be a problem to him). He’s also pretty good at sorting out the best way to handle those problems… Ok, maybe it’s not the best way… but his sword does a fair amount of math, and the problems solve; someone stops talking… Or starts talking. Or runs away.

Khesh’s is 7′ tall and 300lb. He wears a dark painted breastplate, and most of his clothing is drab. He does his work with a sword and shield and he carries it off like someone who has had more than one kind of formal training.

His overall physical appearance varies. When he is in his natural state he is covered in black fur, that itself is covered in whatever he’s been up to. There’s at least the dirt and grime of hard living, and often there’s a few kinds of blood.

When he is fully shaven, yeah, that’s right.. he does that… he is covered in scars and marks that seem to indicate he’s seen some things. When he does shave it is usually a private matter. Afterward he can be found quite clean, maintaining his gear, and in a much more amenable state of mind. Some would say he passes off as a big boned half-orc when shaved.

Khesh does most everything to excess.

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