Fallon, He Who Walks With Wolves

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“You are as nature intended” – Fallon on free will

Fallon is a human druid of Flanese (indigenous peoples) descent. Copper skin attributes lighter eyes to mothers side of family. He follows his calling (destiny) to the Tangles.


February 5, 2021
Walks with wolves and runs with Dulgarn
February 24, 2021
I have been to the Tangles and have found my Destiney. My patron calls to me. You would not be able to pronounce his name. But I tell you now what I've kept from you. (Facing Kesh in goblin) You only trust what you can see. (Turning to Sarvalor in Elven) You are not the only one with old blood .(in common) I can appear however I wish, I will reveal my true self now so you know I am an enemy of Iuz. ( He reaches up and removes his silver ear cuff) Before you stands a half elf with ebony skin, straw colored hair, and blue eyes Deep below the earth I heard him call to me. With you I will be his champion
February 26, 2021
Thag stands silently for a few moments, taking a long and sullen look at Fallon in his latest incarnation. He sighs, shrugs his swordbelt and pack into position and makes ready to resume the quest to find Zak, muttering loudly to ensure he is overheard. "Fallon say human. Fallon warthog, Fallon elf. Granny say old lady, Granny young lass. Khesh hairy, Khesh smooth. Thag eyes hurt, head hurt."
February 26, 2021
Well, aren't we ALL full of surprises. So there are two amongst us with "old blood".

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