Earldom of the Tangles

Category:LandWritten by: Khesh

Encompassing the entire Tangles, the far western Rift Barrens, and the clear plains bordering Warfields and the old Shield Lands, the Earldom of the Tangles suffered greatly from the incursion of Iuz’s armies. Formed from an easygoing adventuring band devoted to Oli-dammara, the folk of Tangles had their jovial nature put to the test by hobgoblin raids and ultimately full occupation of all but the most inaccessible forest depths.

Iuz rules this area from the small town of Hallorn,the earldom’s former capital and now one of Iuz’s regional capitals. Hallorn was once a grim place filled with little more than zombies, thanks to an insane priest of Iuz and his numerous demonic allies. After the Flight of Fiends and the priest’s death, the town’s current ruler restored some normalcy to the locale,albeit of a decidedly evil bent. The wildly insane Earl Aundurach (CE male human Clrl3 of Iuz), a new addition to the Lesser Boneheart, commands the surviving Tangles folk harshly and ineffectively. He prominently displays a magical scepter crafted from the bones of Reynard, the land’s rebellious bandit chief, captured and slain in 589 CY. The earl is supposed to control all activities in the Bandit Lands to the northand west, but it is very doubtful that he does.

A few hundred men and half-elves have with-drawn entirely into the small woods, and from 585CY on have gained assistance from clerics of a Trithereon sect in Furyondy, with access to considerable magic. Attempts to destroy the Tangles from Hallorn and Riftcrag have always failed, as the forest seems to regrow damage very swiftly.

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