Men of the Rift

Category:LandWritten by: Khesh

Rift Canyon and nearly all the rough lands around it (the Rift Barrens) were ruled from the town of Riftcrag, which long had a notable nonhuman population of orcs, gnolls, bugbears,ogres, and the like. The original bandit force here largely abandoned the city to Iuz’s forces in 583,gathering in the deep recesses of the Rift and planning a dark revenge. These forces are augmented by many refugees from Iuz’s attacks (notably Reyhu),and they are led by the charismatic self-proclaimed Plar of the Rift, Durand Grossman. Native nonhumans and a few magically controlled monsters round out what is one of the three most active and well-defended resistance forces in the Bandit Kingdoms (the others being in the Fellreev). Rift folk are mostly as chaotic and evil as the nonhumans, but they are clever and skilled at mountaineering and trap-setting. Many thieves and berserkers are among the warriors here, and Erythnul worship is widespread.

Iuz’s agents inhabiting Riftcrag made it a regional capital in 584. They keep watch over the canyon from the city and from the Leering Keeps, five citadels perched on the northern edge and eastern end of the enormous chasm. Led by Cranzer, a powerful member of Iuz’s Lesser Boneheart, these forces patrol the Rift,attempting to contain the plar’s growing army while continuously assaulting the Tangles with axe and fire. The Rift holds mines that provide the region’s best silver veins. Of late, Cranzer has made deals with the Rift bandits in order to make the regular silver shipments personally demanded by Iuz.

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