Crow Thornbush

Category:Legendary PeopleWritten by: Khesh

As a young Gnome, Crow Thornbush and his twin brother Crumb lived in the small village of Thornbush. A village founded by their forest gnome ancestors not so long ago. The boys grew and when they reached an appropriate age they were both recruited into the village Rangers. Crow quickly proved himself to be the superior hunter of the two as Crumb spent most of his days sleeping against the giant oaks of the surrounding forest or sneaking pints of Dwarven mead from the pub. Crow honored his father and family by winning the village archery contest time and time again and once even being awarded Ranger of the Year. Crumb’s jealousy and spite grew with each acknowledgment Crow received until he could take no more. After a night spent filling his belly full of ale, Crumb decided he would prove to the entire village who the real ranger was and he stumbled his way to Crow’s burrow. Crow tried to calm his drunken sibling to no avail and soon the two were tussling in the street. 

 The village Nightwatch quickly quelled the conflict and Crumb was sent to the hoosegow. When the sun rose, Crumb was brought before the village council, charged with being a ne’ er-do-well and banished from the hamlet. Crumb swore his revenge upon the populace as he receded into the wilderness.  

Season after season passed and the tiny gnome village became a town, bustling with trade amongst Elves, Dwarves, and gnomes from neighboring villages. Crow was proving to be a fine protector, taking on the role of Watch Commander and all was well in the town of Thornbush until one night, as the township slept, the Nightwatch sounded the alarm. War horns could be heard trumpeting the sound of a coming horde and like a thousand fireflies in the night, the forest was suddenly alight with torches and the howling of devils. Before the township could mount a defense, it was overrun by an army of Gnolls and Orcs, all lead by Crow’s twin brother, Crumb. The Rangers put up a brave fight but were no match for the sheer number of Crumb’s corrupt troops. As the battle raged, gnomes fled for the safety of the deep forest, only to be chased down and slaughtered. Crow somehow managed to survive bloodshed. With his family dead and his town razed, Crow set out into the darkness to hunt down every Orc and Gnoll involved in the Thornbush Massacre, including his evil twin brother Crumb. 

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