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Crow Thornbush

Post has published by Khesh
As a young Gnome, Crow Thornbush and his twin brother Crumb lived in the small village of Thornbush. A village founded by their forest gnome ancestors not so long ago. The boys grew and when they reached an appropriate age they were both recruited into the village Rangers. Crow quickly...

Pema Yangchen Je-Tsun

Post has published by Khesh
Forty-five years ago, Chodrak Rinpoche stepped out of Nangshi Monastery to find a child wrapped in a bundle of blankets on the threshold. Inside the blankets was a short note, naming the child Pema Yangchen Je-Tsun and asking the monks to take her in and raise her. Chodrak did raise...

Mogrimm Felhammer

Post has published by Khesh
“You’ve got to see death for me to bring you back from it… it’s how this works” –Mogrimm “healing” with his dagger. Character Sheet (hosted at )

Filmore Hjaldrung, Dwarven Barbarian

Post has published by Khesh
“I believe there’s no task so serious that you can’t do it whilst slightly drunk.” – Filmore Filmore Hjaldrung. Mountain Dwarf. Brewmaster. Barbarian. Outlander. The springtime sun blazes in the sky. The road, chalky white, curves ahead through lush fields, and winds down through a shallow valley and beyond to...

Caterina Newcastle

Post has published by Khesh
Location:  City of Hightown Caterina Newcastle, a half-elf, was born to Lorenzo (an elf fighter) and Maria (a human seamstress).  She also had two older brothers, Francesco and Juliano.  Francesco was an apprentice to a blacksmith while Juliano became an acolyte of Pelor.  Lorenzo left often on adventure for periods...

Mathias Assauri, Human Wizard

Post has published by Fallon
“Knowledge is power.” – Mathias Mathias Assauri, Was a student of magical arts at a prestigious college and came from a long line wizards. He was trying to live up to family expectations when he, his cousin, and his girlfriend snuck into the lab and tried to use an artifact that was beyond...

Djokaeri Windchaser, Half-elf Paladin

Post has published by Thag
With the rise of the despised Empire of Iuz and its undead armies, the Elves of the Felrev Forest withdrew deeper into the ancient woods. Some of their leaders advocated for a watchful peace, where if left alone they would leave Iuz’s forces alone. Others advocated for a full muster...