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Influence & Renown

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This is where activities and results that endure with NPC's, factions, realms and other powers will be noted. Influence with Gaiyle Markhalla - delivered Nandris as requested.Enmity of the cult of Nerull (the Reaper) - slaying a member and voiding an agreement.

Session 3: Nandris Delivered

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Nandris took a potion and shrank to gnome sizeNandris gave his girl a potion and she diedKhesh "thoroughly searched her and found the items below"ring with large green stonesmall ruby stone on a clip (magical)5 small gemsWe doubled up on horses and headed off towards Bostammeet up time is any...

The Yammery

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A farm in the Southeastern portion of the Duchy of Artonsamay, where the party was trained as members of the resistance. Hanrick the Halfling is the farm manager and the head of the resistance cell at the Yammery Skreg the Orc is Overseer - Skreg can be (and is mostly...

Djokaeri Windchaser, Half-elf Paladin

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With the rise of the despised Empire of Iuz and its undead armies, the Elves of the Felrev Forest withdrew deeper into the ancient woods. Some of their leaders advocated for a watchful peace, where if left alone they would leave Iuz’s forces alone. Others advocated for a full muster...

Thag of Barbed Words

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"To wrestle pig, must get down in mud." "What I can say you," he says, "is that we all dead men. Plus you, granny. Once you put Iuz minion down, your life is forfeit. I grew up in Reyhu on farm, but that was lifetime ago. Nothing back there now....

Getting Started – Rules and FAQs

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This campaign will be set in the Bandit Kingdom region of the World of Greyhawk. This region is currently mostly OCCUPIED by forces of Iuz the Old One and the other portions at least swear fealty to him. A few scattered areas resist the Old One but only where they...