Session 23: Smugglers’ Blues

Category:Session NotesWritten by: Thag

Ilyena Brighteagle had mentioned (in some type of trance) that I (Stumpy) was being sought and we should travel the southern road and not stop this night. One of the tribesmen “Tenere” joined our merry little group. He stepped up during our tussle with that dragon before it flew off. He seemed to have a proclivity toward cold magic. I’ll always prefer good hard steel but magic has its uses especially when your foes are throwing it around.

The road was not without its risks as always since Iuz started ruling. At night going through a bog, we were attacked by some Will-o-wisps and larger bulbous type creatures. It wasn’t the easiest fight and we almost lost our new companion but Smiley was able to save him in a nick of time.

Further down the road, we found a surprise waiting for us as we are rejoined by an old friend that we had thought we lost in the Shadow Keep. Now going by Bensen (he said a deity is hunting Viktis) he recounted his journey into the Shadowfell realm and his escape with a few hostages. His faith seemed to come to his aid and we are grateful for that.

Our travels take us into the town of Alhaster which is run by Prince Zeech. Some of us have been here before and Grugg informs us that he is wanted there and it’s not safe. The rascal made some connections back in that tribe so maybe someday we will find him with a wife and a few ugly kids 🙂

In Alhaster we make it through the gates stating we are looking for work and the guards recommend the docks. One of the guards also recommended the Sow’s Ear for ale so we head there knowing we are most likely being followed. It’s refreshing to be in a town that is not oppressed by a bunch of damn orcs even if it still ran by Iuz.  Some ale and a good night’s rest after a long tiring journey are most welcome.

Without a clear mission, we decide to go see Elhilbor, we’ve worked for him in the past and it worked out in our favor (I’m sure his as well). Along the way, we pick up a shadow who pleads his innocence. For some reason we don’t bonk him on the head and take him right in with us to see Elhilbor. Sure enough it was one of Elhilbor’s men.

In private Elhilbor tells us of an increase in Iuz presence in the town. Apparently, some weapons are being smuggled through this port to General Hok’s forces. The smugglers are the Rhenee boat people and maybe we can get the eye of Iuz looking somewhere else. Leaving Elhilbor we head to the docks and find the Rhenee boat people and after a brief conversation come up with a plan. Substitute some of the smuggled weapons onto a ship that is resupplying Admundfort out in the Azure Sea. 

The Rhenee boat people take us out in the afternoon and towards the evening we intercept a ship. It was heavily manned, with fireballs, Clay Golem, and some pretty tough officers not to mention the crew. Nonetheless, they are no match for us and we take over the boat, though not without losses in the Rhenee ranks.

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