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Session 8: Steelbone Meadows

Post has published by Thag
We started in Hallorn, rested and following the road to find Som if possible. Tard forged some papers to show a delivery order for goods to Briars End.On the road to Briars End we encountered a band of bandits, but Sal was able to intimate them and they rode off....

Session 7: Ambush at Dry Gulch

Post has published by Thag
In Rook Roost, a Regional Capital for Iuz Met old lady in the Craven Cur for reward from previous mission and received new mission from note in dog’s mouth. Picked up new member Tar … a halfling cleric New mission                 Caravan loaded with “exotics” headed through Hallorn should be...

Session 6: Stonehill

Post has published by Thag
A very exhausted party caught up to the "elven" dopplegangers and engaged them, first with witty banter and then mostly ranged, as the footing was very slow going. Teechin was rescued and successfully delivered to the Elves of Fellrev Forest. Elder Qumari provided a night's blissful rest and a Favor...

Session 5: Teechin Moment

Post has published by Thag
Passed through Kingdom of the Johrase - wandering bands of human mercenaries - hatred of non-humans -Yammary is not safe to return toParty recommended to move on to Rookroost when we are doneSpot in the Tangles seems to have a strange cloud over it and the forest seems to be...

Session 4: The Great Escapening

Post has published by Khesh
Previously we had been tasked with heading to Hallorn and finding out what's happened to Dak Honeycomb. If we found him, we were to make sure he is safe. We visted his work, his apartment, and we pick up at his last known whereabouts... a park in Hallorn where he...

Session 3: Nandris Delivered

Post has published by Thag
Nandris took a potion and shrank to gnome sizeNandris gave his girl a potion and she diedKhesh "thoroughly searched her and found the items below"ring with large green stonesmall ruby stone on a clip (magical)5 small gemsWe doubled up on horses and headed off towards Bostammeet up time is any...

Session 2: Road Warriors

Post has published by Khesh
We are traveling in disguise attempting to look like occupiers. Sarvalor is disguised by Thag to look like a Half-Orc and renews the disguise each morning. We are using the cart from the farm and concealing weapons or other items as necessary in the hay. Thag offered a poultice to...

Session 1: A Dangerous Meeting

Post has published by Khesh
Two wagons bobbed and creaked along a rutted path in the Rift Barrens, taking slaves to be consumed by vampires at a "dinner party". The first was driven by a mostly silent Hobgoblin with Khesh riding shotgun. They were carrying various foodstuffs. The second cart, driven by Thag, held eight...