Session 18: Howling Mad in Rookroost

Category:Session NotesWritten by: Thag

Runner Nine, minus Thag and Khesh, returned the documents recovered in the hideout / burial place beneath Hallorn to Hanrick in the Yammery. with time on their hands they decided to return to Rookroost, hoping for their reward from the Eye for ridding the zombified village of Zelosus of the Gate to Limbo. In a quick stop at the Havadance Saloon, they got a bagful of gold coin and the thanks of the Eye.

During the following few hours each person was contacted in various ways from patrons directing them to some incursion in the asylum. Acting on those requests the group entered the asylum which was a step into the realm of madness. For several hours each was transported to various rooms of the asylum where they battled haunts, lunatics, demons and inexplicable encounters from the stuff of nightmares.

Along the way some trinkets were recovered, and a poem of 8 stanzas was recovered, bit by bit, and decoded into a pathway for release from the realm. Though battered and exhausted, the group pulled together to defeat the madman Partinius, who was much changed from their first meeting. He had invoked the Lord of Madness, Socoth Benoth and was building a bridge from his realm to Rookroost. for a moment the demiplane shimmered to normality and the group fled out the door, bringing a woman and child that Garn had won free.

As they turned to see, the entire asylum, mostly built into the hillside, quivered briefly and then imploded in a tumult of grinding and purple light, leaving a steaming pit in its place.

As citizens and nearby watchmen began straggling to the site, the group beat a hasty retreat out of town, concealing their faces as best they could. They headed south to take lodging near the Yammery and hopefully pick up Khesh nearby.

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