Dulgarn the Hardened

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“I am the wolf that keeps the other wolves at bay.” – Dulgarn

You’ve gotten to know Dulgarn over the past month and feel like there is a lot that is left untold. The Dwarf is tall for his kind but still short compared to most beings. His skin appears greyish (almost but not quite like a statue) and cracked. Oddly the cracks which cover his skin are in shapes of crossed hammers and shields. He has an air of patience about him and sometimes he will just stand still, unmoving for hours. The tale Dulgarn weaves is of him finding himself wandering in the woods. He feels as if he woke up and everything is a bit foggy from before. When he took stock of his possessions the only thing of value he had on him was the long hammer which just seemed to feel right in his hands. After a bit of travel through the woods he came to the town of Cearic and observed from the woods and determined that the hammer would stick out, he stashed the hammer for the time being and went into town.

He found himself out of place in Caeric and things are not as he remembers them or are they… everything is a little fuzzy to say the least. Dialects seem to be a bit strange and he had to figure out the meanings behind some words because they just didn’t fit. Whatever blow he took to the head must have been from a mighty beast indeed.

Anyways he was able to find some work but was soon picked up and thrown in the wagon with the rest of utes.

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February 15, 2021

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