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Fallon, He Who Walks With Wolves

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"You are as nature intended" - Fallon on free will Fallon is a human druid of Flanese (indigenous peoples) descent. Copper skin attributes lighter eyes to mothers side of family. He follows his calling (destiny) to the Tangles.

Dulgarn the Hardened

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"I am the wolf that keeps the other wolves at bay." - Dulgarn You’ve gotten to know Dulgarn over the past month and feel like there is a lot that is left untold. The Dwarf is tall for his kind but still short compared to most beings. His skin appears...

Victis (Sarvalor) the Convincing

Post has published by Khesh
"Some would say I have the gift of gab" - Sarvalor He's a Half-Elf that is often passing off as a Half-Orc as we travel.

Ugrax (Granny Po), The Weirdly Capable

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"When you meet your ancestors, tell them Granny Po sent you" - Granny Po   My family (husband, children and grandchildren) was slaughtered by Iuz Orcs. At the time, I was in a nearby town buying supplies for our homestead. After seeing the carnage, I fled the area and have...

Khesh, Soldier of Misfortune

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"Less talking, more dying. Pick. Up. Your. Sword." - Khesh at the sudden end of negotiating. As far as Bugbears go, Khesh is pretty typical; Big. Hairy. Angry. He's pretty good at spotting the problems ahead (because most everything looks to be a problem to him). He's also pretty good...

Homba (Thag) of Barbed Words

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"To wrestle pig, must get down in mud." "What I can say you," he says, "is that we all dead men. Plus you, granny. Once you put Iuz minion down, your life is forfeit. I grew up in Reyhu on farm, but that was lifetime ago. Nothing back there now....