Pema Yangchen Je-Tsun

Category:Legendary PeopleWritten by: Khesh

Forty-five years ago, Chodrak Rinpoche stepped out of Nangshi Monastery to find a child wrapped in a bundle of blankets on the threshold. Inside the blankets was a short note, naming the child Pema Yangchen Je-Tsun and asking the monks to take her in and raise her.

Chodrak did raise me in the tradition of the Nangshi Monastery of the Iron Hand School of Shou Lung. As a young monk, my days were spent in study, meditation, training, and chores. I mostly helped in the garden and kitchen, but I also worked with those making textiles or woodworking. I often joined the other monks in visiting nearby towns for teachings or holiday celebrations, which were some of my favorite days. Chodrak, a great master of the four elements, was very invested in my training – physical, mental, and spiritual. He made sure I learned a variety of fighting methods and how to focus my ki properly in meditation.

About a year ago, I began having recurring visions during meditation, terrible visions of death and destruction rising from the wilderness. I saw entire towns burning, and nature twisted and mutilated into a tortured and evil shadow of itself. But I was also shown where this evil was born, and a path to destroying it.

So I left the monastery and travelled to the edge of civiliation to seek out and destroy this threat before it can gain a foothold and realize its terrible plan.

Yellow and blue robes, the colors of the School of the Iron Hand of Shou Lung. Black hair and blue eyes. Scriptural and spiritual tattoos across my back and arms.

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