Session 15: This town is so dead…

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Treasure received from Hightower’s captures:

Potion of fire breath

Dust of disappearing

Party squirmed their way through the kobolds’ tunnels to get to the top of the rift. The party donned their armor and Tarn cast see invisible. The party stealthily moved up to the ambushers when someone (Garn) stepped on a log making a lot of noise…. Ambushers are alerted. The Ambushers yelled that we could just hand over the prisoner… combat begins.

The five guys quickly yelled out a password that Hightower returned. They were also there to save him. Everyone apologized for shooting and fireballing the other and all set out to the Tangles.

The five guys asked the party to join them. Granny shares some knowledge of the tangles and they take notes. They said the party is the kind of group that could help their cause. The offer was declined. The guys then said to use the password: MILQUETOAST if there was a change of heart.

From the Tangles, the party went to Rookroost to get their reward. On our way back to Rookroost we avoid a large lizard and make it past a patrol with some forged papers and Viktis’ sssmooth tongue

Back to the tavern to see the bar owner Wan. Free food, drink, and rooms were given. Told to be down for breakfast at 7am.

During the night, Granny was attacked by an Invisible Stalker. Granny went down and almost died, but Tar, casting See Invisibility, and then Faerie Fire, allowed the party to take out the stalker and save Granny before dying.

At breakfast, one of the poached eggs turned green, it was The Eye, thanked the party and then said the debt was paid. A beggar staggered in carrying a heavy backpack. It was filled with 1,517gp. The Eye then looked to the front door and said “what are they doing here?” 

A large group of ‘Arms of Bones’ lieutenants entered the bar. They told everyone to leave. The party did as well.

Once all were out, Granny then turned invisible and when back in, noticing the eye still (stealthily) watching. The three groups of Arms, some from Rookroost, some from Prince Zeech, and some from Rift Crag, were talking crazy things. They don’t know why they are here. This has rarely happened that they would all be in one place. Something crazy was going on. There are magic lights and magic surges and a confluence of power. And something about this has to do with a guy named Part.

Granny exited, and the group went to the Cringing Cur to look for Gaiyle. She was not there. Some info was picked up about walking eyeballs heading to Howling Hills. And a shortage of Sugar beets. And Boneharts feel chaotic energy and are here to soak it in. Garn recalled travel through a town (Zelosus) where sugar beets were the crop.

The party decided to return back to the bar and had a quick chat with The Eye again. The Eye really doesn’t want the Arms of Bones here. He offered the same reward if we could find a way to make them leave. The party said yes, but he’ll need to find a stronger beggar…

The party found out that the Howling Hills is an insane asylum outside of town. A story was created that Granny was looking for her husband who was last traveling with a guy named Part.

The admin at the asylum thought that could be Partinius. The party was led to him. And he deserved to be there. He rambled on about his work being complete and that what he did at Zelosus was right. While he was rambling, Viktis was speaking to him telepathically, and a rift in Part’s mind opened up and actually pushed Viktis back.

The party had been to Zelosus before, to the winery run by halflings, and it also had a crop of sugar beets.

The party went to Zelosus and saw that the crops were being badly tended to by zombies. When night fell, the zombies switched “jobs” and started looking for something.

The party found out that the zombies could not see Homba, so he reconned the town. Garn lured the zombies away while the rest of the party went to the center of town. The tavern seemed to be the nicest building. The party was attacked by a couple of zombies that were still there. One had brown fungi all over it that gave off a VERY cold feeling… That actually did cold damage.

The party entered the tavern and found a secured door leading to the basement. They were then attacked by 4 slaad. The fight was intense, though the party barely survived. In the basement, a secret door was found that led to a room with a swirling portal. We decided to cave in the room, burying the portal. A feeling of peace or calming came over all as the portal was probably what was causing the weird magic and surges the Arms of Bones were referring to.

Treasure found:


Ring of Evasion (1/day)

Scroll of Counterspell

Potions (haste, heroism, reduce)

Rolled barbed chain (adds Vicious to a slashing weapon = +7 dmg to any crit) 

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