The Fellands

Category:LandWritten by: Khesh

The western Bluff Hills, eastern Fellreev, and lands between were part of a warrior realm based in the town of Groucester. The Fellands were conquered by the forces of Tenh in the spring of 578CY, and ceased raiding eastward for a time. This realm was absorbed by the Grosskopf clans in 581,following a marriage between their ruling families.

The invasion of 583 brought with it new leader-ship in the guise of Xavendra (CE female humanClrl3 of Iuz) an oddly refined and graceful cleric of Iuz. Lacking the fiends that provided most of her security, the cleric has had to accept former bandits into her circle of leadership in Groucester, (Shereports to the regional capital at Rookroost.) The bulk of the bandits working with her have turned to dark religion and evil debauchery. Xavendra has a well-known distaste for orcs, and some suspect she may make a play for independence (despite being a cleric of the demigod) should Iuz’s full attention fall elsewhere.

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