Category:LandWritten by: Khesh

A wilderness of rugged plains situated between the Fellreev and Tangles, immediately west of the Midlands, Abbarra was long run by a syndicate of formidable assassins. In a land as chaotic and lawless as the Bandit Kingdoms, the blade of a trained killer is highly prized. Because of this, the Abbarrish have generally managed well as a people, despite the inferiority of their over-farmed land.

Abbarra lost most of its able fighting men at Steelbone Meadows in northeastern Wormhall, the scene of a frightful massacre in Brewfest 584 CY brought on by a deranged cleric of Iuz. However, some assassins survived (perhaps organized by their former leader, the ruthless Kor) and now prey on Iuz’s rare patrols in this area. These”terrorists” strike from hidden bases and live off the land. Abbarra is technically governed from Hallorn, but it is generally ignored by the empire.

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