Stronghold of the Midlands

Category:LandWritten by: Khesh

Once located between the Fellreev and the Tangles, this plains domain was ruled from a fortified Hextorian temple across the Artonsamay River from Rookroost.Throughout history, the bandits of Midlands acted in concert with and against the armies of Rookroost, depending upon fortune and agreements between the local graf and the plar of the region’s capital. By583, the Midlands and Rookroost were allied. Iuz’s armies encountered staunch but ultimately pointless resistance on the Midlands fields. When the defenders fell, the route to the capital lay open,Most surviving forces were destroyed at Steelbone Meadows, and the temple has been razed. The region is now under the control of Kinemeet’s orcs,who usually answer to Graf Demmel Tadurinal (CEmale human Clr8 of Iuz), a toadying cleric stationed in Rookroost. The graf also handles patrols along the Artonsamay.

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