Duchy of Artonsamay

Category:LandWritten by: Khesh

Located along the riverbanks north of the Great Northern Bend of the Artonsamay and the plains within 30-60 miles of the Rift Barrens’ eastern end, the duchy was a curiosity in this land of criminals and murderers. Though a purse was as likely to go missing here as in any holding, Artonsamay had about it a certain honor lacking in most of its neighbors.

Rumored to have been ruled by a puissant noble adventurer of Urnst’s Gellor dynasty, Artonsamay was a favorite haunt of thrill-seekers and lawless folk lacking an evil or sadistic bent. None of this, however, served to aid the duchy when Iuz’s forces invaded in 583; the realm’s castle “capital” was destroyed, and most of the land’s residents fled to the County of Urnst, Stoink, or the Rift. Great magic was employed in the battle, and Artonsamay is now mostly uninhabited wilderness (much of it barren)with poor hunting, governed from Stoink. Many, including Countess Belissica, believe that Duke Gellor is dead, though the folk of Stoink whisper that no less than Iuz’s high priestess, Halga, was seen there, tracking a man bearing an all-too-familiar appearance.

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