Free City-State of Stoink

Category:LandWritten by: Khesh

The land within the two lower bends of the Artonsamay just west of the Nutherwood are controlled by Stoink, long known as the “Wasp Nest.” One of the most powerful states among the bandits, walled Stoink had a major export business in weapons until the Greyhawk Wars began, trading with and raiding both Nyrond and the County of Urnst. It also commanded a great smuggling business by river and road, and its thieves and mercenaries were renown across the Flanaess for their superb skills and bad manners. Stoink declared for Iuz after witnessing the fate of Artonsamay and Johrase, and Iuz’s “capture” of the city had little real effect on its daily life. Stoink was one of the first three regional capitals designated by Iuz in 584 CY.

Currently ruled by the fearless and grossly over-weight Boss Renfus the Mottled, Stoink sponsors brigand raids into northern Nyrond, and its forces loot the supply trains of the army of Tenha expatriates attempting to retake their homeland under Duke Ehyeh III. Cross-river raids between Stoink and the Urnst fortress Ventnor are increasing, but they have not yet invited an invasion by the County of Urnst north of the Artonsamay. The northern border with Dimre is stoutly defended to prevent raiding by overzealous minor priests.

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