Category:LandWritten by: Khesh

The realm in the inner crook of the Fellreev Forest, south of the Artonsamay, was named for its sole fortified site, a huge walled keep,The Freehold allied itself with Iuz when the latter invaded in 583, but its forces were treacherously destroyed at Steelbone Meadows the following year.The land is patrolled by rogue orcs now, and surviving Freeholders are very few. Few troops from Hallorn check on it.

The Freehold keep itself was altered in the early months of Iuz’s occupation, becoming the grisly castle known as Fleichshriver. Remolded by fiendish hands, the citadel is an imposing reminder of the evil, otherworldly forces that once infested the local countryside. Though passers-by no longer need fear the claw and tooth of marauding demons,strange, haunting screams can still be heard from the seemingly abandoned keep; locals give it a wide berth. Iuz’s archmage Null, of the Greater Boneheart, was known to come here in the past and might do so still.

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