Session 14: A Rift Develops

Category:Critical Failures , Session NotesWritten by: Thag

Following the note the party received from Fingers, we arrived at the bar as per the instructions. Once the bartender saw Dulgarn, he directed us to the back room. 

Immediately on entering the room, the floor opened up, dropping us into a pit, and we all fell in to find Fingers. Fingers had an odd green glowing eye… which spoke to us. 

The story about a group of adventurers posing as us was a lie to get us here. The eye… called The Eye, hired us to retrieve a Shieldlander named Pulcharn, or more accurately Baron Hightower. He was held in Rift Crag… Awesome. The Eye said we’d be paid all the gold a man could carry to free him and set him on his way to the Tangles. We take the job.

Tar forges papers to Rift Crag. We stop in Kinameet. The Hobgoblin guards are on alert but let us in. We find out that there is a tournament going on just outside of Rift Crag… That’s our way in. 

Arrived at Rift Crag and the turnout is huge, but all traffic into the town itself is closed. The tournament is to give land to and make a new Baron. We think about entering ourselves, but decide against it as not to draw more attention to us. They don’t exactly like us here.

Granny Po pickpockets a local and Bing forges passes for us to get into town posing as laborers needing more supplies. 

We pass through guards without issue. We see a wanted poster for US inside. 

We get to the jail. Granny turns invisible and goes down to the basement where the holding cells are. Magical silence masks that there was already a jailbreak. Granny goes down to the cell where Hightower was and there is a burrowed hole leading away. She comes back to get the group. We all charge in, killing guards on first floor and then race down and into passageway. 

Once in, we’re attacked by three Umber hulks. They beat us down but we defeat them. We press on to find Hightower’s abductors, 2 half dragons, a cleric and a wizard, at the end of the tunnel opening up to the Rift. Lightning bolts, fire breaths, and other mayhem are thrown at us, but we barely survive… And we end up with Hightower, napping away. 

After a short rest and Eldritch Blasting the tunnel closed, we start climbing up the Rift. Dulgarn, the first to go is immediately attacked by kobolds. We start to defend ourselves and remember we know someone here, supposedly a leader here. We play that card… And it works! Mino Chawwawambatig the Tenth, really is their leader. We say he owes us a favor for saving his life. 

Mino comes to where we are, tells his people to stand down. We ask him for help getting back up to the top of the Rift. For a small price, he lets us know there is a group of soldiers directly above and leads us through their small tunnels up top, 200 feet or so away. He leads us to in a small recess, so that we can prepare and launch an offense against the soldiers and mount our escape of Rift Crag…

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