Session 11: Torrock’s Lair

Category:Session NotesWritten by: Thag

The group started in the Ogre camp. Tar and team had just dispatched the wraith that came out of the cursed shield. The ogre on patrol sounded the horn and he was on the hunt for intruders. 
Thag healed the halfling with a goodberry, Sarvalor picked up Tar, set him on his feet, and the party was running for their lives. With Tar’s gift of extended dark vision, the group initially made a good distance away before they heard the excited howls of direwolves. 
After an hour or so, the party heard a branch break and the branch fell to the ground with the broken end pointed directly in the path the party was taking.  The next time Sarvalor noticed this, he thought it may be an invisible creature and fired two Eldritch Blasts, hitting once, proving him correct. The creature held back and the party pressed on. Granny Po decided to also pull back and point the branch in a different direction. The creature noticed Granny Po (in half-orc disguise) and also circled back and moved the branches again pointed back in the right direction. Thinking of a different tactic, Sarvalor suggested that Thag hang back with bow in hand (knowing him invisible to most), and fire at the creature. Thag did so, and come to find out it was a Quasit, now dead. Thag moved the last branch towards a false direction.
The excited wolf howls slowed soon after and became more of the calls the party heard the previous days, and that they had split apart. One was following party and one following the trail that Thag had made. 
The wolf was catching up to the party and it was decided that the wolf could not be outrun so a trap was set. Thag found an excellent choke-point and Tar’s wise use of Spike Growth inside the choke-point, greatly reduced the enemy’s speed and health. It was an equal surprise for the party too as the enemy party was not just one direwolf and tamer, but one direwolf, five ogres, one ogre captain, and one gnome – who rode on the captain’s shoulders and fired a Fireball into the party. 
Granny Po and Fingers (Fingers has wings, WINGS, that fold from his back) took hiding spots in the trees, while Tar and Sarvalor stood fast in Tar’s much needed Twilight Sanctuary, and Thag invisibility harassed the enemy until they all fell. 
53gp and a potion was found of worth on the bodies. 
The party continued on for two hours until sunrise and took a short rest. Thag spotted the keen eyed Roc swoop down and fly off with the dead direwolf and an ogre. 
That drew the attention of the second hunting party and within a few hours they were spotted.
The party soldiered on and forced marched through the rest of the day, barely keeping ahead of the enemy. 
Night fell. The enemy pressed on. Two hours after sunset, exhaustion reared its ugly head. The party could not press on and another ambush was set. 
This time Tar’s Entangle and again Twilight Sanctuary, helped keep the party from falling to the second group (1 direwolf and five ogres). 
23gp was the boon.
The next few days were uneventful and the party reached the camp. Captain Bane interviewed the party individually and was impressed with the amount of intel that was provided.


The next morning, the party awoke to Captain Baine along with a huge number of his forces surrounding them. He was told by Fingers that the party had other plans and were not committed to “the cause”. He stated that as the mission was completed and vital information was delivered, informaton that will help towards his goals against this ogre horde, he would allow us to keep our lives, and our equipment, but would confiscate ALL of our money. 
The party was kicked out of the fort … and then so was Fingers. A heated exchange transpired between the party and Fingers. As Granny Po believed her mission was complete, and a healer was needed for Dulgarn, the party reluctantly accepted Fingers…as “He knows a guy!”
Fingers informed the group that we can find a healer in Stoink. The party just needs to do this thing. In the town, there is this guy Claggart that has a sword, and there’s a key to a vault, where all meet, and a favor is given to get to a healer…easy peasy!

The trip to Stoink is uneventful. Once in the town, Fingers brought the party to the Jack Tar Tavern. 
The bar had very interesting live entertainment and while the main act was coming to a climax, the original party members notice Khesh. Khesh seemed not to recognize the party, though soon after, the town’s watch came in and arrested Khesh for MURDER. Fingers had slipped away and returned with the Key. Sarvalor suggested Fingers give him the key for safe keeping and to gather some information on the charges against Khesh. Fingers returned shortly thereafter letting the party know that there is evidence that points to Khesh and his hearing will be tomorrow. 
Fingers then told the party that the vault is always open and Claggart should be free that evening. The party finished up their drinks and headed out. 
After a short walk, the smell of smoke was in the air, and around the next corner, the party saw a house on fire and a battle royale afoot. 

The party hears Fingers sigh and say, “well damn…that’s Claggart’s house!”

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