Session 7: Ambush at Dry Gulch

Category:Session NotesWritten by: Thag

In Rook Roost, a Regional Capital for Iuz

Met old lady in the Craven Cur for reward from previous mission and received new mission from note in dog’s mouth.

Picked up new member Tar … a halfling cleric

New mission

                Caravan loaded with “exotics” headed through Hallorn should be intercepted and dealt with. Keep what we want and throw the rest into the Rift Canyon. Caravan is moving under the direction of Boneheart Cranzer of Riftcrag.

                BoneHeart Cranzer – runs Riftcrag

                Riftcrag is a mining town – good place to have items appraised

                Riftcrag is full of Iuz forces

                Riftcrag does have resistance forces deep down, we have no contact currently

On the road to intercept the caravan we were ambushed by Galeb Dur (Rock Beings) and they referred to our newest member Tard as an infiltrator.  Defeated the Galeb Dur and moved on to intercept the caravan.

Intercepted the caravan which was escorting slaves and manned by Orcs and undead Ogres. Dispatched the troops with 2 members going down but not out. Prevented the slaves from seeing us to the best of our abilities.

Wagons contained :

Flat Stones with metal threads inside used to create structures with magical properties…. Threw in Canyon to prevent them from getting in the hands of Iuz.

A wagon of Supplies we kept as a cover moving along to Hallorn

Several sets of Platemail – Dulgarn and Sarvalor each took a set

Found a Spellbook – Granny Po kept
Quiver of 20 Poisoned Arrows – Granny po kept

Small chest if silver bars, opals, and a magical lariat, value of 1100 gp, divided among party.

Found a warrant for a 13 year old boy named Som Fetter living in Briars End. Escribed as red headed and showing fits or signs of magic and is to be captured for Iuz.  

Platemail was looted off combatants by Sarvalor and Dulgarn

Looted 6 Cranzer Cloaks for future disguise purposes

Town of Hallorn – Regional capital where we freed prisoners

Had some trouble at the gates and had to go through the bribery gate which means we are being tracked. Fenced the loot

                Identified the lariat as a Lariat of Binding Release (this will NOT be important later).

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