Session 5: Teechin Moment

Category:Session NotesWritten by: Thag

Passed through Kingdom of the Johrase – wandering bands of human mercenaries – hatred of non-humans –
Yammary is not safe to return to
Party recommended to move on to Rookroost when we are done
Spot in the Tangles seems to have a strange cloud over it and the forest seems to be decayed more here.
Woods are overgrown with vines and brambles (difficult terrain). Woods seem full of normal wild life but a corrupted smell comes from the area we are headed to investigate. The forest here seems to covered in webs and small cocoons. The party investigates and Fallon gets restrained by webbing and Khesh falls into a trap. Giant Spiders attack. looks like spider for dinner tonight boys!

Fallon frees some pixie’s from the cocoons and one was named Li which after sometime to recover offers Fallon a reward before flittering off.
treasure –

– Dust of flying
– mystery key

While camped we were approached by an Ettin, Ooog–ah who wanted to cook with us. Dulgarn is very suspicious and refuses to eat. everyone else eats the food that the Ettin prepares. He tells the party that stone keep fort is full of Hobgoblins.

Teechin (an ancient looking wild Elf) appears in the morning and speaks in a language that only Fallon understands (Sylvan). He sniffs each one of the party and comments on them. Dulgarn straightens with pride and pours some ale on his hammer and says “Did you hear that?”

We are to escort Teechin to the edge of the Fellreev Forest which should take a couple of days. We came to a broken bridge that Granny proved she needs swimming lessons but eventually made it across safely.

Startled a herd of cattle who appear to be led by something non-cowish. They began to stampede in our direction. Most of the party took cover with Granny hopping in a tree and Thag tried to copy this but fell on the ground. Khesh charged the leader scaring off several of the cows but the leader continued to charge and kill Khesh’s mount and knocking Khesh on his back. The party overcame the stampede killing several cows and scarring off the rest. Steak for dinner!!

We made it safely to our destination and Granny and Teechin headed into the woods. We made camp just inside the woods and were confronted at night by wood elves. The night elves are looking for Teechin and apparently Teechin was handed off to the wrong group.

We tracked the group and the tracks turned into ostrich type tracks and then to hooves back to bare feet. Several members of the party became exhausted tracking through the night but we appear to be catching up with our quarry.

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