Session 12: Something Rotten in Stoink..

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Fingers Recap-

I said “well damn that’s Claggart’s house” as we came around the corner and saw the 2-story house on fire and surrounded by a mob. Claggart was yelling at the mob outside and some of his guards were holding them off. Someone from the mob “most likely the Medusa type lady” warned us to mind our own business then threw a fireball at the group (how rude). Claggart raised a mirror in an attempt to thwart the gaze of the medusa, it was shattered by an arrow or some projectile and a bit later he came tumbling down like a stone statue.

A short scuffle ensued, and I saw with my keen vision a trace of possibly someone coming or going hidden. I decided to leave the fighting and head inside undetected (a task easy enough for me) and try to beat the would-be thief to his prize. On my inside I lifted the key off Sal.. err Victis just in case I needed it later. Inside I discovered the remnants of a scuffle and upstairs in what looked like Claggart’s office a dead body and empty sword case. Soon after the fighting outside ended with the Medusa being a fake but there being a real Medusa type character (I’ll have to remember that little trick).

Upon questioning Claggart and a survivor of the mob we find out that Habb the Merchant was the slain man upstairs and Claggart gave the sword to his man Finemore. Finemore with the aid of an invisible spell took the sword and headed off to a safe house in the market to await instructions. It looks like Claggart is double crossing some folks here and made a move on the sword. Maybe we could cut Claggart out, keep the money for ourselves and still deliver the sword and everyone is happy… well except for Claggart and of course the dead merchant, Habb. We headed off to the safe house to retrieve the sword. Being on the up and up and all I returned the key to Victis (probably useless at this point anyways). Strange he didn’t seem too thankful; this band of travelers could be a bit more thankful if you ask me. I did bring them in to this great opportunity to help raise the coin/favor to get that stinky Dwarf raised.

The safe house was empty except for some barely eaten dinner and Homba, (strange this group changes their names like they want to avoid suspicion), anyways Homba was able to find some tracks which we followed back out into the market. I was able to ask around and get a pretty good idea of what was going on. A man (Mr. Nibbs) with his bodyguard left with the Finemore carrying a bag of tools. This information only cost 50 silver of which I took from the party treasure I lifted before leaving the fort.

The group did some investigation and came to the conclusion that Mr. Nibbs actually brought the sword to town and set up that strange fellow … Khesh was it? Anyways they have decided to go after this Mr. Nibbs and get the sword, clear their friend, and raise the Dwarf. Gotta love ambition! With just a little more asking around we were able to track down this Mr. Nibbs fellow to the High Garden where he was staying. Continuing to follow his trail we tracked him to a winery where he spent the day and found the proprietor to be under some kind of enchantment. In the basement we found Finemore who was also under an enchantment with his tool bag in his lap, a tool bag I might add that was suspiciously long enough to hold a sword. A quick knock to the head and the bag was ours and placed in the bag of holding… I wonder how much that would fetch.

Upon leaving the Winery we found ourselves confronted by Mr. Nibbs, his bodyguard, and 3 guards we had questioned just a bit ago at the High Garden. These poor guards also seemed to not be themselves, a lot of charms going around I think. We were able to dispatch with the Bodyguard and Mr. Nibbs ran off a beaten sullen foe, maybe I’ll need to watch for him in the future. The guards were subdued and came back to their senses.

Anyways this story is getting a bit long winded, and my part comes to an end. Suffice it to say that we were able to trade the sword without involving Claggart, get a bit of coin, and they got their friend released and the Dwarf raised. I’ll be damned if it didn’t seem impossible from the beginning. I tried to make a fun gesture of returning the party’s gold, but Victis was as stiff as always. After the Dwarf was raised, being the kind hearted individual I am, I gave him a bag for each of the troop which had their cut of the party’s gold… of course minus my 10% for holding it for them.

This is a troop of adventurers that I just might see again someday and you always want to leave with a good impression after all. 

Fingers disappears into the night…

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