Session 9: Dread Legionnaires

Category:Session NotesWritten by: Thag

At the end of the battle in Steelbone Meadows the party regrouped and took a short rest to identify items found. Additional items were discovered with a short rest. The party was swarmed by a group of fast crazy zombies and Dulgarn was dropped in his wraith-weakened state.

Items found were a +1 shield (Tar) and +1 half plate (Sarvalor). A pair of fine gloves was left behind. All three items were unusually cold to the touch.

The party moves on to undertake Granny Po’s mission in the Bluff Hills, seeking a new force of evil with a conduit to the Underdark. 

The party had an uneventful stay at the Charging Boar Inn where they were able to get a full rest amongst a lot of orc rider and bandit clientele. Dulgarn was able to get his strength back. The party also was able to stay at Wheatfields on the way to Rookroost.

Arriving at Rookroost, the party went to the Craven Cur to pass along info of the success of the party on the previous mission. We ran into Dak Honeycomb tending bar and got some info on the Bluff Hills. Bluff Hills is currently under tight security due to possible conflict with the Dutchy of Tenh.

The party took a cover job helping to escort a caravan loaded with siege parts headed towards the Bluff Hills. On the second day of the trip the oxen got sick from eating Wormwort. Granny Po was able to find enough Kingsfoil to save the oxen and only suffer a minor delay. Day 3 the party entered the Bluff Hills and Thag noticed a human slave wearing a false hairpiece disguise. Sarvalor confronts the driver and determines the slave is just trying to sneak his way through to another destination and not a concern to the party. Soon after the party is ambushed by heavily armored and armed ogres, led by a half-fiend of some type. The ogres used new tactics with rockslides at the wagons and left wounds that don’t heal with their blades. The caravan orcs fight along the party and are destroyed along with Dulgarn who falls in battle taking many ogres with him in a blood rage.

After the battle a quick search of the remains and the party discovers.

Ring of protection +1 (one hour duration)


Potion of superior healing, oil of sharpness

The party hears horns in the distance and convinces most of the humans to flee with them to a nearby fort. Sarvalor confronts the driver who admits he was working for another agency but has nothing to do with the party. On the way to the fort we see in the distance behind us the remaining humans get overtaken and killed by the coming Ogres. The party makes the fort in just enough time to escape the pursuing Ogres, who can be seen looting and burning the wagons in the distance.

At Little Hills Fort the party is greeted by Captain Blaine who says supply carts don’t usually make it through the gauntlet. The party’s oozing wounds are taken care of by halfling healers and the wounded pass out from the painful wound treatment. Upon waking the party is heralded as heroes and conscripted into the Dread Legion of Iuz as Corporals and told to report in the morning for their first mission briefing.

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