Session 8: Steelbone Meadows

Category:Session NotesWritten by: Thag

We started in Hallorn, rested and following the road to find Som if possible.

Tard forged some papers to show a delivery order for goods to Briars End.
On the road to Briars End we encountered a band of bandits, but Sal was able to intimate them and they rode off.

Briars End is a town of subjugated human women and Orc farmers.. lots of half Orcs. There is a Winery ran by halflings. At the Winery Tard traded goods with a halfling named Arlen and we received 15gp for the food goods in the wagon. We got no leads on the boy Som Fetter.

In the Inn we asked around and at the mention of Som Fetter everyone made the sign of evil and stopped talking to us. Granny approached a woman outside and was able to purchase some information. The Fetters are believed to be evil and live on the outskirts of town at a farm.

We headed to the Fetter farm and encountered the mother “Mother Mayne” who appeared to be a beaten woman that was hobbled by smashed ankles. She let us know that Som was at the ‘Bones (Steelbone Meadows) trying to summon his father or something. The house was accosted by townsfolk with pitchforks and torches and Mother Mayne had a Fiend rip out of her, after cawing about her son killing her. After defeating the fiend and most of the Orcs (the others left) we searched the house and found occult items worth 21gp. We burned the house down and travelled 2 hours away from town to find a secluded place to take a long rest. 

We travelled to the Steelbone Meadows which were scattered with discarded items that were cold to the touch and made you ill to hold (wisdom saves required). Everything was covered by a low mist and a general gloom hangs over the old massacre site. Our search during the day resulted in no evidence so we waited on the outskirts until nighttime. 

At midnight we spotted a fire and red headed boy we could only assume was Som Fetter. He seemed to be summoning something out of the ground, so we attacked before the black spectral arms emanating from him successfully birthed some great horror from under the Meadow. He was surrounded by a ring of wraiths & specters who were protecting him. We were able to defeat him but then a fiend crawled out of his body and we had to defeat the Fiend as well.

Dulgarn was heavily wounded and almost died if not for his teammates quick thinking.

It appeared that during the battle the shades inhabiting some of the treasures gathered about the boy were “sucked out” of the items during the ritual. Thus:

Sal found some Boots

Dulgarn found some boots

Thag found a shield

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