Session 6: Stonehill

Category:Critical Failures , Session NotesWritten by: Thag

A very exhausted party caught up to the “elven” dopplegangers and engaged them, first with witty banter and then mostly ranged, as the footing was very slow going. Teechin was rescued and successfully delivered to the Elves of Fellrev Forest. Elder Qumari provided a night’s blissful rest and a Favor of the Fanlareshen Elves for each of the group.

While in Rookroost, what seemed maybe to be Gaiyle offered a mission “maybe too much for those wet behind the ears”. Gather some documents from inside a regional hobgoblin redoubt, Stonehill Fortress. Never mind the large and active garrison. A very humanocentric Johrase bandit provided a drawing, which Granny claimed to recognize from a past experience.

The party made an effective plan, burst into the keep from the top down, slew the leaders and made off with the needed documents without a single loss. A stunning triumph if only they could brag about it.

Upon return to Rookroost they received a reward of 200 gp and one healing potion apiece.

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