Session 4: The Great Escapening

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Previously we had been tasked with heading to Hallorn and finding out what’s happened to Dak Honeycomb. If we found him, we were to make sure he is safe. We visted his work, his apartment, and we pick up at his last known whereabouts… a park in Hallorn where he presumably went to hear a speech about being your best.

We finished asking questions of the goblin family in the park. We learned that the ‘pokey’ Dak was likely taken off too, was in the Boneheart’s compound. We also learned that most people that go into the pokey, do not come back out.

The Boneheart compound is a walled complex who’s original purpose was residence for the town’s leadership. Lesser Boneheart Aundurach runs the city now from this same complex. The town is no better or worse in the area. The wall around the compound is stone, about 6 feet high, and the top is covered with broken glass. There is a front and rear gate. The rear gate is typically closed but it is easy to see movement in the shadows inside, indicating there are guards right inside. The front gate opens and closes often and 4 guards can be seen on duty there. There is visibly a larger stone structure in the center of the complex that is 2 story and made of stone.

It is about 4pm.

The closest Tavern is a place called the ‘Ruptured Duck’. The front door of the tavern faces the front gate. We head there to keep an eye on the comings and goings of the front gate, to see what we can learn, and to maybe catch a guard off duty. The Tavern is run by Halflings. There are about 10 tables inside, and two that are empty and near one another in the center of the main room. The server that arrives at the table volunteers that poultry is the specialty and that they server beer mug chicken.

As we talk quietly about our plans, an odd looking human that is sitting close by at another table leans in and tells us that we are having a dangerous sort of conversation. He is wearing a holy symbol and vestments, and when he leans in, a pendant with a skull and scythe swings out. His fellows at his table turn toward the bar while he continues to talk. When the halfling comes out of the kitchen to bring our food, he turns around hand heads back to the kitchen either because of the talk, the clerics watching the bar, or both.

We know this symbol is used by followers of Nerull the Reaper.

The Cleric of Nerull goes on to say they have been watching us since the East gate, at the noggin, at the apartment, at the park, and now here scoping out the compound. He calls forth an invisible person in the tavern named Henry who is the one that has been secretly observing us since we arrived in Hallorn.

The Clerics going to try and free two people via assaulting the compound and believe we should join forces. They want to free a brother cultist Binor and a pretty faced man Mygat. The Clerics will handle the distraction at the front gate and we will storm the rear gate and free the prisoners. We will rally at a point near the southern part of the town. The head Cleric offers a very sophisticated and detailed map of the compound.

The Compound

Henry will accompany us to the rear gate, we can’t see Henry but we hear him shuffle around.

We plan on assaulting at 1 am and after we are alone with Henry we consider many options for the attack, and what to do after. Granny goes shopping and puts together a passable guard uniform and changes shape to look like an Orc we saw leave the compound earlier. Khesh buys a red cloak to deliberately wear as an identifying mark that he will dispose of late. Dulgarn thinks this a good idea and does the same. Dulgarn buys some flour.

At around 1am we are positioned at the outside of the back gate to the compound and we can hear the ruckus begin. Fallon turns into a spider and goes atop the wall.

Khesh positions himself at the base of the wall to boost Henry over. Khesh attempts to grapple Henry when Henry places a foot in Khesh’s hands. Khesh fails but Henry is taken off balance and falls to the ground. Thag pounces on him, and Dulgarn throws the flour on Henry and Thag, outlining Henry and making him easier to see. The party kills Henry right outside the gate.

Granny (disguised as an Orc guard) attempts to charm the guards and tells them to move to the front gate. The leader of this group of guards tells them to stay at their posts. Fallon disguised as a spider jumps off the wall into the compound and turns back into his form, attempting to charm one of the guards. Sarvalor and Khesh wait a beat and after searching the body of Henry, Thag jumps over the wall. Khesh jumps over the wall and opens the gate. We assault the guards at the gate and defeat them. Fallon and Dulgarn go down but make it back up after combat. Sarvalor loots a coin pouch from the downed commander.

We rescue Dak from the cells who is unexpectedly covered in hair. We also release some of the other prisoners but leave Binor and Mygat along with a few other prisoners locked in their cells. We high tail it out the rear compound gate headed towards the east city gate and our horses rather than the planned rendezvous. We bribe our way out of Hallorn’s east gate.

Granny Po asks us to join her on a quest which will help us oppose Iuz. The Party agrees although a few are wary of not knowing the details. Dak heads off and we head towards the next mission.

On our way East from Hallorn, under the tangles, Khesh’s horse loses it’s footing to some loose earth and slides down a ravine, breaking it’s leg. We carry on with Granny taking on her granny form so that we can double up on the horses. On the second day we round a rise in the trail and see a field of several hundred zombies just standing there. Fallon notices the zombies start singing ‘row row row your boat’ in rounds. Dulgarn suggests we all start singing along to pass them. Everyone does but Khesh becomes irritated after a few rounds and stops, saying angrily “This is stupid!” Sarvalor thinks paying the zombies for the performance will help and throws down some silver coins he produces from the purse he found earlier. He looks to be in pain when he throws down the coins.

We make our way past the zombies and around most of the Tangles. Dulgarn thinks Khesh needs to learn the words to Row Row your Boat. Khesh thinks children’s songs are for children.

Treasure: Sarvalor picked up a pouch with 7 gp in it and promptly spent 2 as bribes. Thag searched dead Henry and got a pouch with 300 gp worth of small diamonds. Your group, now designated as “Runner 9″ gets a reward when handing Dak off to a very well camoflaged halfling where the road forks south. This is 50 gp, 3 bottles of mushroom wine, and a pouch of holding (works like bag except weight 1 pound, opening 6” diameter, capacity 50 pounds).

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March 12, 2021
The mission you are helping me with involves meeting Grugach Seer Teechin (whose health is failing) at the east tip of the Tangles. We are to burn two fires near the edge of the forest at nightfall to signal him. Then we are to escort him to the southeast Fellreev.

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