Principality of Redhand

Category:LandWritten by: Khesh

The Combination’s only coastal “kingdom,” Redhand holds a section of the north coast of the Nyr Dyv, from the old Shield Lands to the mouth of the Artonsamay. “Prince”Zeech, an effete renegade Shield Lands lord who broke with his nation in 577, swiftly allied himself and his forces with Iuz in 583. The alliance saved his realm from destruction, though the old lords and soldiers of the realm chafed at taking orders from half-orcs and worse. Redhand’s capital is at Alhaster, but Zeech must report to the clerics of Iuz at Balmund,which he hates. Deadly conflicts between “Reyhu” orcs in the north and Redhand humans in the south are becoming common.

Now that most of the Old One’s demonic officers are gone from the land, many believe Zeech and his men are set for a rebellion. Word of this surely has reached Dorakaa, and all eyes watch the debased prince with grotesque curiosity, guessing at his fate should he defy Iuz. Zeech would get no help else-where, as he is greatly hated in Urnst and Furyondy.

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