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Filmore Hjaldrung, Dwarven Barbarian

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“I believe there’s no task so serious that you can’t do it whilst slightly drunk.” – Filmore Filmore Hjaldrung. Mountain Dwarf. Brewmaster. Barbarian. Outlander. The springtime sun blazes in the sky. The road, chalky white, curves ahead through lush fields, and winds down through a shallow valley and beyond to...

Caterina Newcastle

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Location:  City of Hightown Caterina Newcastle, a half-elf, was born to Lorenzo (an elf fighter) and Maria (a human seamstress).  She also had two older brothers, Francesco and Juliano.  Francesco was an apprentice to a blacksmith while Juliano became an acolyte of Pelor.  Lorenzo left often on adventure for periods...

Sarvalor the Convincing

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"Some would say I have the gift of gab" - Sarvalor He's a Half-Elf that is often passing off as a Half-Orc as we travel.

Khesh, Soldier of Misfortune

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"Less talking, more dying. Pick. Up. Your. Sword." - Khesh at the sudden end of negotiating. As far as Bugbears go, Khesh is pretty typical; Big. Hairy. Angry. He's pretty good at spotting the problems ahead (because most everything looks to be a problem to him). He's also pretty good...

Session 2: Road Warriors

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We are traveling in disguise attempting to look like occupiers. Sarvalor is disguised by Thag to look like a Half-Orc and renews the disguise each morning. We are using the cart from the farm and concealing weapons or other items as necessary in the hay. Thag offered a poultice to...

The Bandit Kingdoms

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Proper Name: (formerly) Combination of FreeLords; (now) Bandit Lands (within the Empire of Iuz) Ruler: Various petty warlords and tyrants or Lesser Boneheart mages, all supposedly in service to Iuz Government: Many loosely allied petty dictatorships, currently “administered” (often in name only)by occupying forces of Iuz Capital: (formerly) The largest...

Barony of Wormhall

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[devvn_ihotspot id="400"] Though Iuz the Evil dominates the bedtime monster stories and threats experienced by most children in this dreadful realm, the ghoulish edifice known as Wormhall, and the twisted land governed by those who dwell within it, provide more localized chills. A desolate and largely uninhabited wilderness in any...

Unified Bands of the Warfields

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The original claimant to the lands along the eastern Kitensa River has been lost to history. Since well before the formation of the Viceroyalty of Ferrond, Warfields has been a chaotic land wracked by nearly endless war-fare. Situated at the crossroads of the Shield Lands,Horned Society, and the rest of...

Earldom of the Tangles

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Encompassing the entire Tangles, the far western Rift Barrens, and the clear plains bordering Warfields and the old Shield Lands, the Earldom of the Tangles suffered greatly from the incursion of Iuz’s armies. Formed from an easygoing adventuring band devoted to Oli-dammara, the folk of Tangles had their jovial nature...

Free City-State of Stoink

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The land within the two lower bends of the Artonsamay just west of the Nutherwood are controlled by Stoink, long known as the “Wasp Nest.” One of the most powerful states among the bandits, walled Stoink had a major export business in weapons until the Greyhawk Wars began, trading with...