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Category:Critical FailuresWritten by: Khesh

Whoops! I forgot to select a category for my post!

So yeah. When posting make sure you:

select a category for the post

  • Select a category. They are on the right of the posting page when you are writing. There’s two sections at the top: Post, and Block. Make sure you are on the ‘Post’ section to see the category area, and it’s about halfway down. Just check the box for the type of post you are making. This informs how you or anyone else will find you post later. (roleplaying posts will reveal themselves when click roleplaying from the top menu if you’ve selected roleplaying as your category)
  • Set any internal links. (those are the words that when they appear in OTHER posts will link back to this post)
  • Set the featured image. This isn’t required but it looks nice if you do it correctly. It’s also on the right under Categories and you just click select image. You can then upload a new image or use one that is already there. If Mike was posting as Granny Po for instance, using the Granny Po old hag image would be a good choice.
  • Set the header image. There already is one but if you want the page to be even more custom you can change the header by clicking on Header at the bottom of the post you’re making, tick the ‘true’ box under custom, set the show box from default to true, change size to small, type of background to image, and type of background image to custom, then select add image. you can pick from ones that are already in the media library of the site, or upload one of your own.


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February 5, 2021
This post is here on purpose so you can find your mistakes. This comment is here to explain with fewer words, what's explained up there.

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