Duchy of Artonsamay

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Located along the riverbanks north of the Great Northern Bend of the Artonsamay and the plains within 30-60 miles of the Rift Barrens’ eastern end, the duchy was a curiosity in this land of criminals and murderers. Though a purse was as likely to go missing here as in any...


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A wilderness of rugged plains situated between the Fellreev and Tangles, immediately west of the Midlands, Abbarra was long run by a syndicate of formidable assassins. In a land as chaotic and lawless as the Bandit Kingdoms, the blade of a trained killer is highly prized. Because of this, the...

Skreg the Orc

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Affiliation: Iuz Skreg is the Overseer at Yammery Farm. His laziness and graft has him look the other way most of the time. Small things are no big deal. Steve has compared him to Schultz from Hogan's Heroes.

Nandris Leshite

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Affiliation: Iuz/ Graf of the Midlands We do not currently know much about Nandris other than he has been recalled to Dorakaa.

Gaiyle Markhalla

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Affiliation: unknown Based on conversation is in the employ of some other person or group that prefer to remain nameless. Met at the Dancing Bear in the Midlands. Hired* the party to intercept Nandris Leshite, advisor to the Graf of the Midlands. Threatened harm to Hanrick if we refused.

Boss Downy

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Affiliation: unknown/self Regional Boss/warlord

Hanrick the Halfling

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Affiliation: the resistance “In charge” as the farm manager at the Yammery. He was indirectly threatened by Gayle when the party first learned of the kidnapping job. He is a member of the resistance.

Thoughts to myself…

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I’m not sure if I trust Gaiyle Markhalla, but at least this mission should give me the opportunity to kill something. Every dead agent of Iuz is a small victory. I hope this Nandris Leshite doesn’t live up to his last name, “the shit”, and cooperates during the rescue. Otherwise,...

Getting Started – Rules and FAQs

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This campaign will be set in the Bandit Kingdom region of the World of Greyhawk. This region is currently mostly OCCUPIED by forces of Iuz the Old One and the other portions at least swear fealty to him. A few scattered areas resist the Old One but only where they...

Session 1: A Dangerous Meeting

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Two wagons bobbed and creaked along a rutted path in the Rift Barrens, taking slaves to be consumed by vampires at a "dinner party". The first was driven by a mostly silent Hobgoblin with Khesh riding shotgun. They were carrying various foodstuffs. The second cart, driven by Thag, held eight...