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A wilderness of rugged plains situated between the Fellreev and Tangles, immediately west of the Midlands, Abbarra was long run by a syndicate of formidable assassins. In a land as chaotic and lawless as the Bandit Kingdoms, the blade of a trained killer is highly prized. Because of this, the...

Down in a Hole

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"Hey wait! My feet are stuck!" Khesh said with surprise.He heard a sliding, grinding sort of noise that sounded deep or remote or maybe muffled. His feet were... sinking?   The sounds from below were suddenly made loud as the ground swallowed him and just as quickly, they muffled again as his...

Influence & Renown

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This is where activities and results that endure with NPC's, factions, realms and other powers will be noted. Influence with Gaiyle Markhalla - delivered Nandris as requested.Enmity of the cult of Nerull (the Reaper) - slaying a member and voiding an agreement.

Session 4: The Great Escapening

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Previously we had been tasked with heading to Hallorn and finding out what's happened to Dak Honeycomb. If we found him, we were to make sure he is safe. We visted his work, his apartment, and we pick up at his last known whereabouts... a park in Hallorn where he...

Session 3: Nandris Delivered

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Nandris took a potion and shrank to gnome sizeNandris gave his girl a potion and she diedKhesh "thoroughly searched her and found the items below"ring with large green stonesmall ruby stone on a clip (magical)5 small gemsWe doubled up on horses and headed off towards Bostammeet up time is any...

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writing the test content.

Dak Honeycomb

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Affiliation: The Resistance He is a bald human. He works out of the Spiked Noggin.

Testing a failure

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Whoops! I forgot to select a category for my post! So yeah. When posting make sure you: select a category for the post Select a category. They are on the right of the posting page when you are writing. There's two sections at the top: Post, and Block. Make sure...

On Forgery

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Khesh held up each of the order papers, comparing them. He thought It was a fair copy of the signature, but the new paper was a little too crisp looking. He huffed. He put the old torn original down on the makeshift desk and crumbled the new copy in his...

Graf Demmel Tadurinal

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Iuz priest and ruler of Midlands

The Dancing Bear

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A tavern in the Midlands. We've met here to discuss the work of the resistance, and this place may be common for that sort of thing.