Elmorne Wrywright, Human Rogue

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“There’s no justice, there’s just us” – Elmorne

Character Sheet D&D Beyond

Elmorne is a talker. He’s always on about this or that, and seems to know just enough about pretty much any subject, to get himself right in the middle of any conversation.

What’s weird about that is most of the time, the people he’s talking to don’t even notice he’s already left! It is really something to watch. He can pop in and out of a crowd, full of “how do you dos” and “how’s your mothers”, ingratiating himself the exact amount of time it takes for him to get whatever he came for or to wherever he’s going (the former is usually the contents of others pockets, or some hidden thought extracted. The latter is hard to say because he slips attention as easily as he grabs it; hands and feet shifting as quickly as) … what were we talking about?

Elmorne is from right here. Our town. He grew up right over there, (points over that way) I just can’t… remember… which, but he does come around pretty much every day after he finishes his work.

What’s he do? Oh he’s a.. stable, no that’s not it. A blacksmith’s something. Or was he the brewers son? No he’s the lords.. uhh.. I’m sure I’ll remember.

Has anyone seen my coinpurse?