Session 10: The Search for Torrock

Category:Session NotesWritten by: Thag

Fingers Side of the Story

Well, it was just another day when I met the “heroes of the hour” last week. They seemed more like survivors running scared to me from what I could see, from my vantage at ground level. A line of black ants troubled me greatly today. I smiled up ever-so-sweet at that miserable Captain Blaine whenever he chanced by in hopes of him relenting just a tad, of course I could get out at any time by myself but what fun would that be. I saw smoke over the west side palisade and heard “that was our looked-for supplies being burned”. Again. 

Anyhow this lot runs in dripping blood and carrying a dwarf who’d seen better days, stiff as a board he was. Once them halflings went to work on their wounds they howled like wolves and slipped off to dreamland for a bit. A more bedraggled lot I’ve never seen and a precursor of things to come.

Next day they got read in to the “Dread Legion of Iuz”, how high and mighty that sounds, then they got promoted right above me, damn it. Later, Captain of course dragged them over to get a big guffaw out of me buried like that for such a small pinch from the barracks. Out of the goodness of his heart he had me dug up (and those slant eyes poked me pretty fierce with them picks) so I could join in some one-way mission to earn my keep again. What choice did I have?

We set out at night because this whole group sees like bloody owls in the dark. We backtracked the gang that burned the wagons, thinking they was bound to be over this hill or the next. By the time we found the camp we was sent to look for it was a set of days hiding out and walking for all the night long. We saw some big-ass bird after a bit that was clearly on the prowl for such as us during the day and long about then started hearing wolves howling back and forth each night. Sure as shooting we got into wolf country at last and they smelled us out one fine night. I’m surprised it took so long, as this lot seems to trip over their own feet and get themselves into trouble.

Well they were on me in a pack before I even got my sword drawn and next I knew I was hamstrung on the ground. I kept getting back up to take a stab but eating dirt every time they took a nip. Felt a right fool by the end of it. Next night more of them was a-hunting that missing pack and two lots came at us. I spent a fair time flopping on the ground again but managed a couple good pokes at them when I got the chance. At any rate that was three dire wolf packs to their maker, and we got some godawful steaks out of them in the end. Maybe in the future the hunters become the hunted.

We kept on backtracking and dodging ogre parties until we found the hideout, nestled in a little ravine. This Torrock got a sweet little setup there with some captive dwarves working his iron into their duds. To bad they are ogre’s, someone might be able to make a right bit of coin from such a group of blockheads, but one must measure risk vs reward. Both our halforcs snuck down into camp and found a trio of fire giants spooning up the molten metal underground so we learned that. Thag bonked a dwarf on the noggin so to get some answers and he spilled right away but demanded to go back as his family is hostages, or something like. It was all going down peaches when suddenly on his last flight to drop off the dwarf, something blacker than the night came out of Tar’s shield, it looked to me, and set right at him. Well, Tar had a fight on his hands and was looking a bit peaked as he flew back up to us. Once he got in close, he went limp but we was able to scoot down the hillside a bit and do for that wraith that was eatin’ him up. Not quite as peaches but still to the good except Tar set off some fiery blast on the wraith and that drew one of the sentries’ interests. Just when I thought this group was coming around, they go and step in it. Here he is now a-blowin’ his horn and I expect things are about to get all kinds of interesting. Captain said, “make sure you get back with the lowdown” and I intend to stick on that plan, alone if necessary. 

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