Influence & Renown

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This is where activities and results that endure with NPC’s, factions, realms and other powers will be noted.

  1. Influence with Gaiyle Markhalla – delivered Nandris as requested.
  2. Enmity of the Cult of Nerull (the Reaper) – slaying a member and voiding an agreement.
  3. Favor of the Fanlareshen Elves – delivered grugach Teechin (on 2nd attempt)
  4. Influence with Gaiyle Markhalla – retrieved documents from Stonehill
  5. Influence with Gaiyle Markhalla – destroyed caravan from Rift Crag
  6. Sought by Lesser Boneheart Cranzer for intervening in capture of Som
  7. Grudging Respect of Captain Blaine of Little Hills Fort – found Torrock’s lair
  8. Influence with Boss Renfus of Stoink – averted bloodbath at council meeting
  9. Disfavor with Simpure of Stoink – killed her assault team
  10. Influence with Eldar Qumari of the Fanlareshen Elves – Fought magnificently at the Pool of Amonsin
  11. Favor of the Eye of Rookroost, for closing a gate to Limbo and reducing the Arms of Bones presence in the city.
  12. Influence with Elhilbor, seneschal of Prince Zeech of Redhand. Defended Nadalie from wererat cultists.
  13. Enduring gratitude of Guardian General Hok. Restored him from petrification and blood poison.
  14. Animosity of Lord Marshall Arus Mortoth of Rookroost for suspicion of destroying the asylum.
  15. Influence with Moskol’s Legion for rescue of Gardinel from Shadow Keep.
  16. Favor of General Hok for delivering his nephew, Alahad, to him in his headquarters.
  17. Spoken tale of courage from Ilyena Brighteagle for defense of their Burial Grounds.
  18. Greater Influence with Elhilbor of Redhand for capture of “arms smugglers”.
  19. Interest from the Johrase mercenaries for elimination of hobgoblin party.

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