Influence & Renown

Category:DM SaysWritten by: Thag

This is where activities and results that endure with NPC’s, factions, realms and other powers will be noted.

  1. Influence with Gaiyle Markhalla – delivered Nandris as requested.
  2. Enmity of the Cult of Nerull (the Reaper) – slaying a member and voiding an agreement.
  3. Favor of the Fanlareshen Elves – delivered grugach Teechin (on 2nd attempt)
  4. Influence with Gaiyle Markhalla – retrieved documents from Stonehill
  5. Influence with Gaiyle Markhalla – destroyed caravan from Rift Crag
  6. Sought by Lesser Boneheart Cranzer for intervening in capture of Som
  7. Grudging Respect of Captain Blaine of Little Hills Fort – found Torrock’s lair

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