Session 3: Nandris Delivered

Category:Session NotesWritten by: Thag

Nandris took a potion and shrank to gnome size
Nandris gave his girl a potion and she died
Khesh “thoroughly searched her and found the items below”
ring with large green stone
small ruby stone on a clip (magical)
5 small gems
We doubled up on horses and headed off towards Bostam
meet up time is any night at midnight.

We decided to meetup at the ambush site if we get seperated. Thag, Dulgarn and Fallon got off the horses and hid (party 2), the others headed on with Nandris for the rendezvous. Pursuers passed by without issue.

Party 2 notes
Part of the pursuers circled back and Fallon saw 4 human bandits and 4 skeletons. Fallon turned into a boar and covered our tracks and charged past the pursuers lightly damaging one of the horses. Thag and Dulgarn tried to stealthily move out.. Dulgarn made some noise…. Thag made some noise. Fallon cast dancing lights to distract the Bandits. The Bandits investigated and returned to search for party 2 unsuccessful and headed back down the road. Fallon had turned into a wolf and attempted to track down Thag and Dulgarn to rejoin them.

The parties met back at the ambush site and headed down to the Yammery. Fallon wanted to see the gorillas but decided to do it later. Returned to Yammery and received reward. 100GP

After three weeks in the Yammery we were given a mission. An agent (Dak Honeycomb) is down and hasn’t been heard from in a week. Works in Spiked Noggin in Hallorn which is on the edge of the Tangles. Leader of the town, Lesser Boneheart Aundurach.

Khesh forged papers for the group and gave them to Sarvalor to use if needed. the Yammery provided another set of poultices before heading out.
We encountered a giant wounded on the road and Khesh offered her assistance. The giant (Grisvelda) offered assistance if we were ever in Steelbone Meadows looking for her. The party learned of Dulgarns vast dislike for giants.

We bribed our way into the eastern gate and went to a few different bars before seeking out the Spiked Noggin. Hallorn is a large town run by IUZ, temples turned into slaughterhouses and tanneries. Sex slaves, weird experimentations, etc..
First tavern is the Iron Maiden – gossip, no war, crappy bosses, rumors of Knights of Shielding etc..
Next Tavern Potties Leg.. similar gossip – ale was a little better.
Stabled the horses for 6sp a day.
Spiked Noggin has the looks of a once high end tavern that is now a little run down. Still a bit nicer.
Bartender named Geezer, waitress Betsy, Waitress Thethuninangin (Thethu), Half orc Manager Werner .
Bartender looks a bit tired and worn down. Granny learned that Dak lives in the west side upper deck of Rainstone neighborhood. No answer at his door so Granny picked the door and Sarvalor went in and was attacked by a starving wolverine. subdued the wolverine and let it go outside. Sarvalor found a hand bill of “Be Best” town lecture. Granny found 11gp worth of coins and gems and a stone believed to be a sending stone.

Khesh believes that the “Be Best” thing is to capture folks for the experiments. We headed to the park where the lecture was and found a lot of hobo’s, Orc Guards, and a lot of signs looking for missing people. Sarvalor questioned some homeless goblins,  Khesh had to assist. Goblins said there was a fight and Orc guards came and dragged away several people (including someone that matches Daks description) to the “pokey”.

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